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The most important difference with Speed Gas is our commitment to customer service, and this means our employees have the right attitude. We continue to invest in the growth of our distribution network around Australia. Through collaboration with our distribution partners and expansion of our personal truck fleet, we aim to deliver directly to as many customers and partners as possible.  

There is nothing more satisfying for the Speed Gas team than helping our customer find the best solution. From delivery times to difficult invoices, our team will help you get control of your gas supply and ongoing costs.  

When you think of gas, think of Speed Gas .

Our Promises

At Speed Gas, we take pride in solving customer problems and providing the best solution possible, so no matter what your request is, we’ll handle it quickly and effectively.

Australian Owned
and Operated

Support an Australian business


Talk to a person, not a machine

Buy or Rent
Gas Cylinders

The best choice for your business

Wide Range
of Gases

Solutions for any application

Quick Delivery

Reliable and consistent


Our Team

Our friendly and dedicated team at Speed Gas are ready to find a solution that works for you. We have a great team with many years of experience with small and large businesses.

We take pride in our customer focused attitude towards decision making and problem solving.  Always providing flexible and reliable customer service.

When you call our Speed Gas office you will talk to a person who can help you now, not later!


Team Environment

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What We Offer

Speed Gas prides ourselves on offering high-quality customer service to ensure no matter the request or query, we’ll provide a solution that best suits your needs.  

We understand that not all customers want to pay for rental on cylinders, so we implemented the ‘own your own bottle’ gas cylinder program across a wide range of gases, giving the customer more flexibility. We have a large network of partners who will exchange your empty cylinder for a full one, find your closest store at the top of the page. 

Wide Range of Gases

With gases such as Argon & Argon mixes, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide and LP Gas, we have a variety of options available to suit your requirements. We will refill cylinders to customer specific applications such as fire suppression such as welding, industrial, hospitality, fire suppression gas refills, forklift, heating and gases.


Fill in the contact form and our team will get back to you

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Fill in the contact form and our team will get back to you

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